The most easily long sentiment, rare long love

Added 30/12/2014

Read Hu Shi's Poetry: "the mountain breeze blowing the chaos on the paper and pine marks, blown away my heart shadow." Read this Heartbeat prattle, thought Hu Shi a paragraph of affection. This situation may be for Hu Shi no, over time you will forget, for Cao Chengying is a lifetime bone. Cao Chengying because Hu Shi left behind a word: "you wait for me to come back." She is the first forty years, but could not see the heart person back, finally get along all my life. I love love, but I don't like this feeling, it is not a long love, is the largest affliction, I like the long love is willing to have a heart, without any deviation.
Now the society is changed, the love in the hearts of the people are wasting away. The past, the life only a marriage, one is for a lifetime, they don't know what is love, do not know what is love, but could have been forever, never abandon till.
Love, have that money can't buy long sentiment, as long as a woman's hair, exquisite dance around her a few turns, or long, long as grandma hands cotton, soft, long, into the heart. Such as Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao's love, not luxurious, not publicity, each other, life together. .
The times are different, the era of information network has become protagonist, what are the network substitution, what pay attention to in a fast. Because it is fast, so bad, love also popular. The net feeling quite a lot is QQ chat, some people QQ chat with each other, and then contact, for a long time, feelings slowly warming promotion for love, which is commonly known as the cyber love. Now what are updated, QQ net love is not in the fresh, the most fashionable fresh stimulus has been Micro message, the Mo Mo substituted. That day I heard a friend say "hook up artifact." She said, I don't understand, finally asked the mature talent know, the original is a chat software, through this chat software one can know each other distance, address, number and chat. The two stranger chat back and forth several times can open room familiar things. For these I very strange, was puzzled, even haven't heard, maybe I really OUT.
I truly don't like to chat. Two men, one in the north, one in the south, only can be together through several chat? Do you know? Are you familiar with? Understand each? If one party is bad, your thought will be what kind of damage? Just the thought of these, I have for their creepy. A man or woman or self-respect self-respect, will eventually be tasting brew their own bitter fruit, then regret it too late!
In the emotional world, I am a conservative woman. A lifetime of love once, one for one person. In the world of love, my view is that you can appreciate a person, also can be like a person, can even love a person, you can be together and a few people?
Read the "Phoenix beg feng4huang2" Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru feelings of envy. Married for many years, Sima Xiangru had the concubinage meaning, it also thanks to meet Zhuo Wenjun so clever woman, a song of "old age recites" expressed her dedication and determination to love, also for right back, if the ordinary people of the woman which has such talent? This situation is to grow old, somewhat small water inside.
I like the feelings such as a glass of water, or a personal favorite objects, never say care, has been in the side. Afternoon, I take a nap together, eat a piece of chocolate, a half eaten, do not have the heart, suddenly thought of a villain if I just want to eat chocolate, the villain is just the one I love most, I could not eat, only quietly to look at him, look at him, watching, straight to the eye as a lake green, the heart of drowning soft, stir the sweet, in the hand, affixed to the face, how warm, how sweet happiness! Also think you are everywhere, is you, is my sweetheart, this is how happy!

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These words are marked in the domestic

Added 26/5/2014

Point of a cigarette, slowly into the lungs, and then gently spit out the gray smoke, this is a familiar action process. However, in such a year after year in the continuation of the action, who would have thought, each person touched the process difficult to address in never, have the different story!
Chairman Mao's life is inseparable from the cigarette, is known to the world. He lit a cigarette, can be thought of as the revolution must march, also in the cigarette, he is Wu revolution is "sparks of fire, can fire", and the formation of Mao Zedong thought. Deng Xiaoping also so, although not that Deng Xiaoping theory is from smoking infiltration enlightenment, but the thinking process, often used to strike a match, light a cigarette, and meditation in the process of a cigarette.
We all know that "smoking is harmful to health". These words are marked in the domestic each kind of cigarettes, but why still so many people smoke? Don't believe that smoking is harmful to the health of people, in order to Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping two great men as an example, take their longevity prove that smoking is harmful. But that is only a few people; more people know, smoking is harmful to health. Because, tobacco harmful gases carbon monoxide in the combustion process; nicotine and tobacco contained, is a kind of high-strength poison. But we still smoking, because those so-called "poison", its content is little not worth mentioning, risk is not fatal; and, these toxins in the process of absorption by the body itself, antibody to resolve. For a non serious illness or contracted disease not specifically exclude smokers, a short period of time, the harm is observed in the invisible body.
Because of smoking, resulting in the "addiction", "smoke pole" words such as these, regardless of praise, criticism, and also first not talk about smoking brings to the society, from the cultural development of speaking, is in progress.
Why to smoke? Many people will think of the word "addiction", but in fact, when I visit and survey results show that, because of smoking and smoking supporters are just a few. From the beginning to be accustomed to won't suck, man began to smoke the first cigarette from different reasons. Among these, some people even with very small absorption, analysis with the common psychology we contemporary people, very little will smokers, mostly "bad boy". With a cigarette in his mouth, let peers think he is pulled, so cool, so no one dare to bully him. When I grow up to see some of the students, hiding in the bathroom smoking, can let a person feel their enterprising, with "good" gradually deviated from; get to high school, many boys have dared in after school, the teacher pass by smoke, we do not use very strange eyes looked at him, not to be afraid of him more drag, cool; because, if he is dragged, very cool, very love to bully people, that he would not have a chance to be with you such a good school, or not be reduced to such a residual could not bear to see the school. To the University, smoking has become a kind of fashion; smoking, drinking, fighting, ou love are few commandments and control school. The University, which let them for a long time over the mysterious veil of the thing, has finally been revealed, and be triggered at any moment, unstoppable, like the flood surge to the sea. Whether walking in the University School Road, or back to the dormitory, we can see the smoking of University students. To the society, we can see that this group is more larger, up to the president, chairman, down to the cleaners, migrant workers, and even the "beggar", smokers everywhere. Because of the demand of the social development, the generation of the stock market, so as to create the "stock" which is a new term; smokers listened very unhappy, so speak with claims that they "smokers", which had been sealed the noun for hundreds of years in the "no smoking", to today, once again set off a fashion. And, this group of large rare.
"Why are you smoking?"
Asked this question, one answer:
"Because I'm smoking addiction, has been difficult to quit."
This is only a few smokers answers, in favor of smokers are mostly older, smoked more than ten years.
"Because of the need for business and social."
This answer, only a few smokers endorsed, or because the smokers, the rich or the career greater success the ratio, or career and social process must not to smoke.

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Fanghua waste, but the red a song

Added 21/2/2014

Painted floor, Xi Pan, a solo song singing, Shan Ying setting sun, cloud breeze Zhuo Shui earthly soot, quiet years, road and frivolous, hold pen a sparse write mottled fleeting moonlight old lines, Jinling gaily painted pleasure boat, supporting penny a skyline street, pass the end of the long night. To pick Cuiwei, twilight with Yun Gui, slightly pale, thin face Zuiwo red cold water river, only a myriad lights, shadows, how can a deep sigh, a looming. He tears a drinking water, the product from the war he is worried.
The red line is long, needle embroider Yuanyang, a grace SA Da, in catkins sway leisurely, like ink night, also did not carry many trivial wandering in the lake path, if say, this is drizzly Sasa, though not too sad, ask the heaven tears, why sad, ask breeze, who is the streamer in the morning bell and evening drum -- reminders change? Low sigh the life long, lonely walk, chanafanghua, fireworks easy cold, remember that the downtown, the characters, and I don't mind tasteless, who waved a brow brush thin cool, the emotion, the chilling, wine to half smile, show Luan Jian as pens, ten points Acacia, seven love, tears in eyes, three points. Cold ink difficult to continue, the book with you?
Mortal past, Wanzai entanglements, also sad, why you a man? Also happy, but mental dust. Then, a case of pigment, only keep a paper and ink stained, free edge of the lonely, quiet and leisurely tea flavor. Silent to listen to the flower, orchid Mayo, with petals floating streams who pity? Thousands of miles away from the moon, moon, two parting, difficult to recall. Shaohua perishable, Qunfang charming sad story, a riot of colour also open not powder can not help but sad, heart light yellow green, who join wine to Yao xi. Drizzly rain break, Liangcheng downtown, sent down the rain. In his dream, as the guest Qi, glazed a misty rain Changjiang Delta, when you look back, tears in tears full of clothes, dim the ripples of countless.
The wind blow cold, years leisurely, who is obsessed with life? Drunk in my mind, when Chan Juan; wretched lonely night, Shu words desolate. Millennium margin knowledge, this life feeling sad; can not load, many worry, the first flow of tears. Looking back on the tens of millions of people, pass by; in thousands of people, beautiful encounter; you give a pleasant smile of a woman, met, acquaintance, margin continued; origin; bosom friend, though; off the busy life, as of flowers, such as butterflies flutter, Ai Ling poetic masterpiece through the ages. Just to the afterlife, brilliant purples and reds in all mortal beings. So light in my life, everything has been settled! The world, still strangers, deeply extended far away!
How many fell dejected, together singing, how many discrete injury. Flies wasted nineteen years, 24 bridge moon night, MI LAN radial. Girls white as jade are teaching flute-music. Poor night. Grief at separation and joy in union without many words, for spring, summer impatient heart injury, for the autumn winter silence pregnant with sorrow. Vanity had been scattered, dotted the sky Jiangfeng Yuhuo streamer. The star was, how much worry that will in time fades, want to tell the wordless, sat down on the cold ground, his knees, to regret the tears to the ground. How to draw the outline of human society into difficult situation character portray gentle and quiet words can describe exquisite; clever mind, Qin and melancholy pen inkstone? The corner, linger in the text between the fool and crying. One year, the spring can not take full of resentment, gean lights dim dim tear. Eight thousand miles of the chase, has broken the sentimental lingering season, let a person do not hurt?
Yesterday on shear base, tonight the monopoly, lost track of time? For you, pick up the scenery along the way, as you sing, throwing a water sound. Read the time, thousands of miles, like a silent. The party fell scroll, there have been thousands of bursts of feeling, only see the sky, the moon in the sky, tears, of melancholy, maple leaf on the court, and shadow on the lamp......
That bright red years ornament in spring and autumn; that a bunch of streamer fireworks crush the moment of youth. Red rain, who disturbs the youthful dreams; the dust has settled, who is telling the parting sentiment. Listen, the long distance, but feeling sorrow if pain. Look, near the long, unfortunately, suffering like a dream. Who is the world to see, is who will text is superficial, and who can put out this earthly fireworks?
The red flowers, eventually a lonely, in the memories of the years fall who tears, back in time from who's sad. The smoke of the past, I do not know who was who love, dream memories, I do not know who was who wait. The ups and downs of gorgeous movement, who will be who stays? Fireworks were cut, pull straight cut. Hand to read ancient poetry, in three thousand years, the light went Liuzhaojinfen, peacefulness, fingers sand, the sword dull chaotic bustling, broken fireworks, drunk peach blossom, the red cliff, tilting the world, just buried peach, gazing is the obsession! Far away, a symbol of war in ancient China drums contention. Although I do not know the sky high, thick loess, but see the rain wind, cold warm day to spend on the vicissitudes of life, suffering and seven.

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