Aizen fleeting


It is a year autumn fresh, red leaves and flowers of February. Feng Fei splendor, the thick cordiality, you feel like the yilianyoumeng Geshi, with deep love, that is free and easy, that calm, a kind of spirit, a breeze, eyes met, a glimpse of a! You know, in this cold night, you warm who is poor?12ax7
Spectrum a Sauvignon Blanc, sing a song love conquers all, a gentle rippling in the heart. For you, a blue lotus, blooming quietly, silently Qing huan. This side of the other side, this warm!
We met in the text, you outstanding talent affects my heart, you are elegant and charming temperament attracted me, close to the heart and the heart, a spiritual resonance, a magic tacit understanding, a heart of surprise, ripples on a hazy thoughts. Heart calm lake, the undercurrent, always think of you inadvertently, remind of you of loving words, remind of you of light tenderness, seems to have thousands and thousands of words.
I understand you, understand your love, your love. Because of you, I have already be utterly routed, turmoil and chaos of war. So, I will be a cavity into a static like lotus, for you, and enjoy it to the full, beautiful without words! How sweet, how much love, without words, his voice, so lovingly.
There is no one arm, let Miss can sleep? Have a warm home,Doctor degree let a wandering heart can dock? Even without the ten interlocking warm, but there is a place, will be the heart. The hazy, that sweet, the warm greetings, amazing time, intoxicated with the fleeting time!
Always believe that, all met, all is the nether world edge, is a worldly after being apart a long time. The river, once at the moment we meet vows, so, I take a deep nostalgic, leaning in the time of the corner, wait to look forward to. Looking forward to that one glance, one moment, you suddenly appeared in front of me.
Today, I and you accidentaly across the sky in red maple season, a warm feeling, rippling heart, I read your heart rhyme stacking, you read a curtain of my. Thousands of tenderness, coagulation Biduan, endless, endless litigation, Lin in mind, graceful poem. I, like a dream, drunk fleeting!
A beautiful encounter, a feast for the mind, what is the deep-seated magnificent; ornate; fascinating, lingering! The margin of the water, flying all over the sky, without complaint or regret, who touched the flowers miss? Twist a fly incense, keep a season of flowers, in a breeze, and you love the twittering!
Early winter's footsteps getting closer, the cold wind raging across the sky, at the autumn leaves in the wind fluttering, autumn in the golden and red, singing the song of life later, wither, withered, a busy upcoming feast falls next heavy curtain. The four day cycle of alternating, unable to resist, also need not sad, took a bundle of bright and beautiful in the heart, always warm and sunny! Even the snow all over the sky, the eyes reveal a still is the warmth of spring. Twist a years fragrance, pour a full cup of mellow, let yourself indulge them. As time passed, the four seasons circulation, keep a crazy idea, thank fate, thanks to the red road all the way with you. Let that bosom warm, kind of obscure thoughts, that dream of beautiful, always gentle with me, gazing Speechless. A touch of warmth, the road into delusion, in the text, open the most charming flowers, even in winter, still beautiful!Introduction of Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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